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The Cutest Dogs Share Love for Culver’s

Collage of dogs eating and enjoying Culver's.

If there is one universal truth about dogs, it is that they are human’s best friend. But according to our guests on social media, we’ve noticed that dogs also really love Culver’s. If you don’t believe us, take a look at the cutest dogs (in no particular order) to ever visit Culver’s.

Tatum the Pug

A dog name Tatum sits between a Culver's cup and a bag of Cheese Curds.

Tatum might be small compared to our Wisconsin Cheese Curds, but his heart is mighty big.

Murphy the Golden Retriever

A dog name Murphy wears black glasses and sits in front of a Curdis plush toy.

Murphy looks extra dapper in his Curd Nerd glasses next to his best friend, his Curdis plush toy.

Ruby Rhu the German Shepherd

A dog name Ruby Rhu sits in a field of grass and wears a "I'm a ButterBurger Baby" bib.

Little Ruby Rhu made the name “ButterBurger Baby” applicable to humans and puppies!

Rocco the Corgi Chihuahua Mix

A dog name Rocco sits in a stroller and looks at a Culver's cup and a Culver's Deluxe.

Rocco likes the simple things in life, like nice weather, a comfortable stroller and a view of a Culver’s Deluxe.

Colby Paul the Yellow English Lab

A dog name Colby Paul sits on the ground and stares at a Cheese Curd on his paw.

When there is a Cheese Curd on his paw, Colby is a master at staying still. Very still.

Bilbo the Corgi

A dog name Bilbo stares out of a car window and a Culver's to-go tag sits next to him.

“If this sign doesn’t stand for 58 ButterBurgers to go, I’m out.”

Lulu the Pug

A dog name Lulu looks at a bag of Cheese Curds.

“May I please have some Cheese Curds too?”

Does your dog love Culver’s as much as you do? Let us know about it on Facebook or share a photo on Instagram and Twitter using #culvers.