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Beef Pot Roast: An Undiscovered Favorite

Beef Pot Roast: An Undiscovered Favorite

Culver’s may be known for its ButterBurgers® and Fresh Frozen Custard, but our menu is full of other options, like Beef Pot Roast, just waiting to be discovered.

Photo of Beef Pot Roast sandwich.

Inspired by the type of homemade meal you’d enjoy at your grandparent’s house or a Midwest supper club, our Beef Pot Roast is always prepared tender and juicy, and can be enjoyed as a simple sandwich or a plated dinner with family or friends.

Our Beef Pot Roast Sandwich is made with premium chuck roast that’s been oven roasted for eight hours until it is fork tender, and slow-braised with a classic blend of herbs and spices. Combine this sandwich with our light and fluffy Mashed Potatoes with home-style gravy and a medium Diet Soft Drink and you have yourself a Mindful Choices option that’s around 550 calories.

Similar to our Beef Pot Roast Sandwich, our dinner option is prepared for you using the same premium, hand-shredded chuck roast with one twist: It’s piled high on fresh sourdough bread with savory beef stock gravy. You then have your pick of any two classic side options, such as Mashed Potatoes & Gravy and Coleslaw.

However you decide to enjoy our Beef Pot Roast, it’s a hearty meal that you’ll be glad you found.