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Culver’s Cravings

Get to Know the Cutest Curd Nerd, Curdis

Every year when the month of October rolls around we just can’t contain our excitement in anticipation of the cheesiest day of the year. October 15th is National Cheese Curd Day, which Culver’s created to celebrate this dairyland delicacy. We met with our official Curd Nerd mascot, Curdis, to help us celebrate with a few cheesy facts about himself.

The color of real Wisconsin cheddar cheese, Curdis sports his signature Curd Nerd glasses and is one of the biggest supporters of National Cheese Curd Day.

Meet Curdis! Take a look at his official ID

When we asked Curdis what he likes to do in his free time, we didn’t realize that it would have been easier to ask him what he doesn’t do. “I’m just like any other curd,” the Curd Nerd explained. “I like snowboarding, reading, traveling, painting and yoga too!”

Curdis plush in yoga pose

In his free time, Curdis loves documenting his adventures on Instagram and his blog.

Curdis plushie sits in front of an art installation in Chicago

Curdis also enjoys finding menu hacks at Culver’s. “It just came to me one day,” he explained. “I just took my cone of Vanilla Fresh Frozen Custard and dunked it into my Culver’s Signature Root Beer! A DIY Root Beer float if you will.” Curdis was quick to share his findings with his social media fans:

Curdis plushie takes Vanilla Fresh Frozen Custard from cone and places inside root beer

We asked Curdis what his favorite part of being America’s favorite Cheese Curd mascot is. His answer was simple: “I like that I get to celebrate National Cheese Curd Day with my fellow Curd Nerds each year!”

Curdis plushie laying in cheese curds

Celebrate National Cheese Curd Day on October 15!

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