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Culver’s Cravings

How Malts Got Their Start

On hot summer days, nothing beats the sweet taste of sipping an old-fashioned Malt through a blue straw. Made famous by drive-ins, diners, and soda shops, the first Malt was created even earlier, in the 1920s.

It all started when a drugstore employee put a twist on the classic milkshake by mixing in malt powder, giving the treat a thicker and creamier texture and an added bit of sweetness.

We handcraft our Malts the same way, and because we use only our signature Fresh Frozen Custard made with farm fresh dairy, your treat is even richer and creamier than a regular Malt. Plus, all our Frozen Custard is made in small batches throughout the day so you know you’re getting the freshest Custard possible.

It all comes together for the perfect treat for the heat and an indulgence worth enjoying again and again.