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Students Share Excitement for Earning FFA Jacket

Stephany posing in her brand new Blue Jacket

Earlier this year, our restaurants and the Culver’s Support Center came together to raise nearly $20,000 to provide 153 jackets to deserving FFA members like Stephany from the Horizon Academy at Marion Oaks FFA Chapter in Florida.

These blue jackets are the official dress of FFA and a symbol of the pride and the tradition that unite more than 629,000 FFA members. But not everyone can cover the costs of purchasing this meaningful jacket. That’s why Culver’s restaurants came together to sponsor the purchase of jackets for deserving FFA members across the country.

When Stephany’s FFA advisor, Donna Lavery, found out that her student would be one of the recipients of an FFA jacket, she shared, “I was incredibly excited for her. Stephany is an amazingly sweet, humble and giving young lady who is the first to step up whenever our chapter needs something done.”

To us, supporting the next generation of agricultural leaders is just the right thing to do. As we started receiving thank-you notes from students across the country, we were reminded how important it is for all of us to encourage these students’ excitement and passion for agriculture.

“I am very happy and thankful that you chose me. I can’t wait to make the jacket my own. With this jacket, I can feel more like I belong in my chapter.”
– Dakota B.

“With this jacket, I feel more like I belong in my chapter.”

“Since I’m a freshman, my first FFA contest was this year. I didn’t have a jacket, so I had to borrow one. While it felt great to represent my chapter and FFA, it wasn’t right. I was wearing a jacket that didn’t fit quite right and with a name that was not my own. Thanks to the support of the Culver’s program, I will be able to wear my own jacket at the FFA State Convention this June.” – Joza M.

“Thank you for my FFA jacket! I am so excited to wear it. I appreciate your support of FFA. I love your Custard!” – Bailey B.

"I am so excited to wear my FFA jacket!”

“Thank you for sponsoring an FFA jacket for me. I really love it. It is something nice to have because this coming year I will be an FFA officer. I am proud to say that I was elected the historian of my FFA chapter. I am positive that I will be wearing it to many FFA activities. Thanks again!” – Isaac S.

“Thank you for allowing me to receive an FFA jacket. I know that it will be well used and well taken care of. Again thank you for the FFA jacket.” – Jessica M.

“My jacket will be well used and well taken care of.”

These 153 students weren’t the only people thankful for the chance to receive their own FFA jacket. Our very own Lora Kippley, marketing specialist at the Culver’s Support Center, spoke about her time in FFA when some members of the National FFA Organization stopped by for a visit. When the National FFA found out that Lora didn’t have a jacket in high school, they surprised her with one.

Interested in learning more about Culver’s efforts to support students’ passion for agriculture? Head over to our Thank You Farmers page. You can also make a donation to the National FFA Foundation.