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Culver’s Cravings

Landing the Best Wild-Caught Cod

The key to finding great, delicious fish is knowing where to look.

Our North Atlantic Cod are wild-caught in the icy Barents Sea, north of the Arctic Circle. “Those waters are pristine, cold, clean and rich in flavorful nutrients. And that comes through in the cod,” says Terje, a fifth generation fish supplier who has been providing Culver’s North Atlantic Cod for over 20 years. “The cod grow very slow and have time to develop these flavors,” he says. “It can’t be more natural than that.”

Craig and Terje Talk Cod

To make sure these fish are still thriving for future generations, Terje’s fisheries use sustainable practices to reduce their environmental impact and prevent overfishing. “In Norway, where I’m from, fishing is a way of life,” he says.

The all-natural, hand-cut filet arrives at the restaurants, where it is hand-battered in our signature blend of herbs and spices then fried golden, only after you order.

It all gets topped off with our creamy, savory tartar sauce, featuring olives, capers and sweet relish, a Culver’s family recipe for over 40 years. It’s a meal our guests have been sitting down to enjoy since day one, when we opened our first restaurant in Sauk City, Wisconsin.

In the mood for some more seafood? Give one of our crispy hidden treasures a go: The Butterfly Jumbo Shrimp. Or try our limited-time Northwoods Walleye on the menu.

Watch Craig Culver and Terje talk more about what makes Culver’s North Atlantic Cod the finest around.

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