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Thank You Farmers Project

Building Relationships With Local Dairy Farmers

No one appreciates wholesome quality dairy and the hardworking families who make it possible more than Culver’s. Dairy farmers have always been important to the Culver family. In fact, Craig Culver’s dad, George, was the son of a cheesemaker and grandson of a Wisconsin farmer and spent the early part of his career inspecting and grading dairy farms for the Wisconsin Dairies Cooperative.


Today, Culver’s appreciation for dairy farmers is just as great. From our Cheese Curds to our Fresh Frozen Custard to our butter, Culver’s continues its great relationships with the farmers who provide the fresh dairy used in each of our restaurants.

Vanilla Fresh Frozen Custard

Some of our relationships with these farmers, like the one we have with our exclusive provider of Cheese Curds, La Grander Hillside Dairy located in Stanley, WI, go back nearly 20 years. La Grander Hillside Dairy helped us serve over 41 million orders of Cheese Curds last year alone. This means our guests enjoyed over a half a billion bites of this dairyland delicacy — that’s a lot of Curds!

Watch the video below to hear from Norris, another dairy farmer who we’ve worked with for over 30 years.

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Find out how you, too, can show your support for farmers in your area by heading over to our Thank You Farmers Project Thank You Farmers Project section.