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Bride and Groom Celebrate With Fresh Frozen Custard Dessert Bar

Closeup of Bride and Groom outdoors feeding each other Culver's Custard.

Celebrating farmers and Fresh Frozen Custard go hand in hand at Culver’s. This past year, we had a chance to be a part of the wedding of two dairy farmers with a unique spin on traditional wedding desserts.

Instead of a cake, this couple, Katy and Cory B., knew they wanted something a bit more unique, something that celebrated them. Since the couple loves Culver’s, they offered up a Fresh Frozen Custard bar with lots of different mix-ins and toppings to choose from. Their guests loved it.

The groom, Cory, reaches for toppings to put on his dish of frozen custard.

Having a frozen custard bar at their wedding was also a nod to our support of farmers and agriculture and their connection to it as dairy farmers at Sunburst Dairy in Belleville, Wisconsin.

“It’s very refreshing to see companies like Culver’s​ ​that vocally support farmers and trust that we are the experts in the field,” Katy explained. “My husband was a Wisconsin state FFA officer, so the fact that Culver’s gives back to the FFA holds an extra special place in his heart.”

Katy and Cory B. (who is wearing a cow print vest) enjoy some Fresh Frozen Custard at their wedding.

And if you are wondering if there is a story behind the cow vest: “His mom made it for him,” Katy said. “We love our cows.”

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Photo credit: Copper Key Visuals