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What It’s Like to Go to Culver’s for the First Time
Screenshot of tweet on a background of Culver’s menu items

Do you remember your first time at Culver’s? Whether it was 30 years ago or yesterday, that first visit will be near and dear to you.

Every day, people all over the United States are experiencing their first bite of deliciousness and spreading the word. Check out some of our favorite “first” reactions below.

When you first hear about Culver’s so you have to try it out

It can be a little overwhelming, so you might have to plan another trip

But now it’s all you can think about

We get it, it can be a life-changing experience

Like, really life changing

It was probably because of the food

Because you tried something new

But it could have been the people, too

Regardless, now you’re in love

And you totally get why everyone has been talking about it

You found a place that gets you and your family

While you were there, you learned a few things

Supported a cause

Like the Thank You Farmers Project.

And started new traditions 

Even got inspired to write a haiku

And when you’re far from home, that first time back is a little emotional

But then you’re there with the ones you love and everything in the world is right again

Do you have a memorable first visit at Culver’s? Share it with us on Facebook or share a photo on Instagram and Twitter using #culvers.