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Culver’s Cravings

Flavor of the Day

Why You Should Try Our Latest Flavor Additions
One image of a scoop of Midnight Toffee Flavor of the Day with mix-ins sprinkled around the flavor and another image of the Creamy Lemon Crumble Flavor of the Day with lemon slices and cookie pieces around the scoop.

With our ever-expanding Flavor of the Day lineup, we are always looking for new ways to delight our guests. From the excitement of seeing a new flavor displayed across the marquee to the first bite of Fresh Frozen Custard with delicious mix-ins, we know that trying a new Flavor of the Day is a very big deal for any Culver’s lover.

Creamy Lemon Crumble

To make this flavor, we take our specially blended Lemon Fresh Frozen Custard, swirl in crushed sugar cookies and top with a lemon drizzle. It’s a delicious combination of tangy and sweet.

“It tastes like summer.”

This was one of the trickiest flavors to create — getting the combination of tart lemon and creamy dairy just right was challenging. In fact, Quinn and his team have been working on perfecting this flavor for three years, and they’re proud of the result. “I’m most excited for guests to try Creamy Lemon Crumble,” he said. “It tastes like summer.”

Peach Crisp Flavor of the Day in a Waffle Cone

Peach Crisp

Just like coming home to Grandma’s peach cobbler! Our Peach Crisp features specially blended Peach Fresh Frozen Custard swirled with sweet peaches and dulce de leche sauce and is topped with a crunchy granola crumble.

“The all-natural peach concentrate gives this Flavor of the Day a great background,” Quinn explains. “That, paired with the rich flavor of the dulce de leche and the texture of the granola, makes for a refreshing scoop of custard that tastes like home."

Lemon Berry Layer Cake Flavor of the Day in a Waffle Cone

Lemon Berry Layer Cake

If sunshine was a flavor, it would be Lemon Berry Layer Cake. Creamy Vanilla Fresh Frozen Custard is swirled with mixed berries, butter cake pieces and a lemon drizzle. While Quinn had wanted a flavor that featured lemon and berry for a while, he wanted to find something to round out the flavor. “We ultimately landed on adding butter cake pieces. The delicate sweetness of the cake really balances out the other flavors.”

Midnight Toffee

Coffee connoisseurs will love this espresso-infused Dark Chocolate Fresh Frozen Custard topped with toffee bits and novelty chocolate. After seeing how much guests loved last year’s new flavor Dark Chocolate Decadence, Quinn wanted to experiment with new ways to feature a dark chocolate flavor. He landed on combining it with coffee and was meticulous about refining the coffee flavor until it was perfect. We’d say he got Midnight Toffee just right.

Espresso Toffee Bar Flavor of the Day in a Waffle Cone

Espresso Toffee Bar

While we offer other espresso-based flavors, there is one component that really sets this one apart. “The Heath toffee really adds some textural interest to this flavor,” Quinn explains. That, paired with gooey butter cake pieces and swirls of dulce de leche, makes for a coffee break in a cone. We won’t judge if you go back for seconds.

Dark Chocolate PB crunchy Flavor of the Day in a Dish

Dark Chocolate PB Crunch

According to Quinn, “You can’t get a more classic combination than chocolate and peanut butter.” This flavor features Dark Chocolate Fresh Frozen Custard swirled with a ribbon of peanut butter and crunchy Butterfinger® pieces. The sweet and salty notes of the Frozen Custard and peanut butter are perfectly complemented by the satisfying crunch of the Butterfinger®. “I think this one will be a fan favorite in no time,” he said.

Devil’s Food Cake

This flavor is a chocolate lover’s dream with Dark Chocolate Fresh Frozen Custard swirled with devil’s food cake and novelty chocolate. The inspiration behind the flavor actually came from Craig Culver, who told Quinn on his first day working at Culver’s that he’s always wanted to see a menu item inspired by custard and chocolate cake. “I’ve never forgotten that,” said Quinn, and we’re glad he didn’t.

“We tried over a dozen kinds of cake before landing on the one.”

Getting this flavor right wasn’t easy though. While the Dark Chocolate Fresh Frozen Custard was already created, finding the right cake to pair with it was no easy task. “It had to be rich, but not too sweet, since the Frozen Custard is already sweet, and it had to be the right texture,” explained Quinn. “We tried over a dozen kinds of cake before landing on the one you’ll find in the Devil’s Food Cake flavor.”

If you’re not already craving a scoop or two of these flavors, you will be when you learn that, like all of the Fresh Frozen Custard served at Culver’s, they will be made fresh throughout the day.

Visit your local Culver’s restaurant on the 10th of each month, June through September, to try each of the new Flavors of the Day. You can also sign up for MyCulver's to see when these new flavors will be served up throughout each month for you to enjoy. Let us know which flavor is your favorite on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter by using #culvers.