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Culver’s Quizzes

Are You A Culver’s Expert?

Collage of Craig Culver, a ButterBurger, cheese curd, sundae, and the original Culver's

Think you know everything about Culver’s? Test your skills and answer these 10 trivia questions about Culver’s history, its founder Craig and the menu. Then, once you have answered each question, share your results with friends and family!

Good luck!

Illustration of the original Culver's
Which of these items was not on the original Culver’s menu in 1984?
Culver's Flavors of the day
What was the first Flavor of the Day?
Culver's team member wearing a mask
What do we call the people who greet you when you visit your local restaurant?
The largest Culver's restaurant
Where is the largest Culver’s restaurant located?
Two hands holding Culver's Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese Curds
When did Cheese Curds first appear on the menu?
Culver's Deluxe ButterBurger
On average, how many pounds of beef are sold in Culver’s restaurants each year?
Blue balloons with a blue sky background
What holiday did we create?
Vanilla Fresh Frozen Custard coming out of the frozen custard machine
In order to be considered true Fresh Frozen Custard, which ingredient do you need more than 1.4% of?
FFA student wearing a blue jacket eating a scoop of Vanilla Fresh Frozen Custard outside a Culver's
In which year was the first Scoops of Thanks Day?
An map of the midwestern United States all in blue
What was the second state Culver’s opened a new restaurant in?