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Culver’s Quizzes

Test Your Seafood Smarts

Is the toughest decision in your day whether to order North Atlantic Cod or Butterfly Shrimp? Do you enjoy a fish fry any day of the week? Test your seafood knowledge with these eight fishy questions and see if you’re worthy of being crowned king (or queen) of the sea!

Where is Culver’s North Atlantic Cod caught?
How many dorsal fins does a cod have?
<p><strong>Correct Answer:</strong> Wisconsin</p>
True or False: Each piece of Culver’s North Atlantic Cod is battered by hand.
Which of these ingredients is NOT in the Culver family’s tartar sauce recipe?
What size Butterfly Shrimp does Culver’s serve?
True or False: You can add on 3 shrimp to any order for a deliciously crispy snack.
While you can dip our Butterfly Shrimp in any sauce you’d like, which is most traditionally served with shrimp?
Where did the tradition of the Friday fish fry originate?