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Thank You Farmers® Project

5 Reasons to Celebrate National Dairy Month

Appreciating those who feed our communities
Family cheers-ing with Cheese Curds.

From our flavorful Wisconsin Cheese Curds to our decadent Fresh Frozen Custard, it’s no secret that the dairy industry plays a big role in what we do here at Culver’s. Because of the hard work and dedication of Wisconsin dairy farmers, we’re able to bring tasty bites to your table every time you stop in. Each June, we come together during National Dairy Month to celebrate the impact dairy farmers have on the community, and this year we want you to join us!

Here are five reasons to celebrate National Dairy Month:

1. National Dairy Month helps us appreciate the tradition of dairy farming

Dairy farming in Wisconsin dates back to the mid-1800s and has been an essential part of the state’s agricultural framework ever since. Spanning centuries, dairy farming traditions continue to be passed down through generations of families and communities, and Culver’s strives to keep these traditions alive by serving wholesome foods featuring quality dairy. We celebrate National Dairy Month every year to honor the dairy farmers who make menu items like our delicious ButterBurgers® and decadent Fresh Frozen Custard possible.

Four people stand together and smile.

2. Farmers are leaders in sustainable innovation

Through initiatives like USFRA’s Decade of Ag movement, farmers are paving the way for a more sustainable future. By continually looking for ways to make their practices more resilient, farmers across the country are ensuring the longevity of America’s agricultural industry. This means more delicious food for their communities for years to come!

Three people stand together in a barn with cows in the background.

3. The dairy industry impacts our communities in a big way

Whether it’s a small, family-owned farm or a large-scale operation, dairy farms around Wisconsin and the country work to produce high-quality, great-tasting food for our communities. Dairy farms also create jobs and support local businesses, stimulating the economy and making a lasting impact that goes beyond their product. Combine that with a commitment to sustainability and you’ve got a big reason to celebrate, with National Dairy Month being just one of the many ways we show our appreciation for farmers throughout the year. Check out another way in which we honor farmers – our To Farmers With Love Contest.

Girl feeding young calf.

4. Some of our favorite foods come from Wisconsin dairy farms

What’s a Wisconsin Cheese Curd without the unique, savory delights of Wisconsin cheese? What’s Fresh Frozen Custard without the farm-fresh milk we all know and love? It’s safe to say our menu wouldn’t be the same without the dedication and passion of our trusted dairy farming partners.

Cheese Curds spill out of packaging, Cheese Curd in foreground is pulled apart.

5. You’re supporting local farmers by celebrating with us

Through the Culver’s Thank You Farmers® Project, anytime you eat at Culver’s, you’re supporting the future of agriculture. What better way to celebrate National Dairy Month than with a satisfying meal that tastes good and does good in your community? Stop by this June and know that you’re supporting dairy farmers as they continue to produce fresh food for our families year-round.

Family of two adults and four children smile for a photo.