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Culver’s Quizzes

What Kind of Delicious Describes Your 2023?

Take our quiz to get your Culver’s year in review

Tell us how you did Culver’s your way this past year, and we’ll tell you which tasty Culver’s title you earned in 2023 – even though you’ve always got the title of “guest” in our home.

Girl points to her ButterBurger and smiles.
Which menu item would describe your 2023?
Two women smile in a Culver’s booth with Fresh Frozen Custard.
After you order, where are you sitting?
Man smiles as he holds a CurderBurger.
Which limited-time item were you able to get your hands on this year?
Woman sitting outside smiles as she holds a Cheese Curd.
What was your sauce spice level this year?
Hand holds a CurderBurger.
Which year did you first try the CurderBurger?
Two smiling women hold a ButterBurger and a Fresh Frozen Custard treat.
What is your New Year’s resolution for 2024?
Two hands hold dishes of Fresh Frozen Custard.
Which Flavor of the Day was your favorite in 2023?
A woman and a man hold up their Fresh Frozen Custard desserts in a Culver’s booth.
When it comes to Fresh Frozen Custard, do you prefer:
A heart-shaped Cheese Curd on a pile of other Cheese Curds.
Which side was by your side this year?
Young woman holds a Cheese Curd and smiles.
What’s the first thing you’re ordering in 2024?