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Culver’s Cravings

Handcrafted Favorites

Meet Rowen: Culver’s Favorite Author
Culver’s Cravings Meet Rowen: Culver’s Favorite Author
Link to story: Cooked to Order ButterBurgers made just how you like them. Close-up view of Culver’s ButterBurger Cheese.
Culver’s Cravings Cooked to Order: ButterBurgers Made Just How You Like Them
Link to story: So Dippable: Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese Sauce. Pictured, Pretzel Bite dipping into Cheese Sauce.
Culver’s Cravings So Dippable: Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese Sauce
Culver’s Cravings 4 Fun Milkshake Flavors to Try
Culver’s Cravings Culver's 10 Tasty Facts for National Cheese Curd Day
Link to story: Why You Should Stop at Culver's during the back to school season. A family in restaurant holding up Concrete Mixers.
Culver’s Cravings Why You Should Stop at Culver’s During the Back-to-School Season
Link to story: It's Never Too Cold for Fresh Frozen Custard. Guest gloved hand holding a Concrete Mixer.
Culver’s Cravings Culver’s Guests Prove It’s Never Too Cold For Fresh Frozen Custard
One image of a scoop of Midnight Toffee Flavor of the Day with mix-ins sprinkled around the flavor and another image of the Creamy Lemon Crumble Flavor of the Day with lemon slices and cookie pieces around the scoop.
Culver’s Cravings Announcing 4 New Frozen Custard Flavors
Link to story: ButterBurgers and Best Friends. Best friends holding out their ButterBurgers.
Culver’s Cravings Butterburgers & Best Friends
Culver’s Cravings ButterBurger Babies Say Cheese!
Link to story: A Melty Classic. A Wisconsin Swiss Melt Value Basket.
Culver’s Cravings Melts: A Melty Classic
Link to story: Culver's Jumbo Shrimp. Jumbo Shrimp around a cup of cocktail sauce.
Culver’s Cravings A Culver’s Seafood Treasure
Culver’s Cravings Landing the Best Wild-Caught Cod
person drizzles cheese sauce over a container of crinkle cut fries and cheese curds
Culver’s Cravings The Best Menu Items to Pair with Cheese Sauce