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Culver’s Cravings

Handcrafted Favorites

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Culver’s Cravings What’s Your State’s Most Popular Flavor of the Day?
The CurderBurger sitting on a wooden tray.
Meet Rowen: Culver’s Favorite Author
Culver’s Cravings Meet Rowen: Culver’s Favorite Author
Link to story: Cooked to Order ButterBurgers made just how you like them. Close-up view of Culver’s ButterBurger Cheese.
Culver’s Cravings Cooked to Order: ButterBurgers Made Just How You Like Them
Link to story: So Dippable: Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese Sauce. Pictured, Pretzel Bite dipping into Cheese Sauce.
Culver’s Cravings So Dippable: Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese Sauce
Culver’s Cravings 4 Fun Milkshake Flavors to Try
Culver’s Cravings Culver's 10 Tasty Facts for National Cheese Curd Day
One image of a scoop of Midnight Toffee Flavor of the Day with mix-ins sprinkled around the flavor and another image of the Creamy Lemon Crumble Flavor of the Day with lemon slices and cookie pieces around the scoop.
Culver’s Cravings Why You Should Try Our Latest Flavor Additions
Link to story: ButterBurgers and Best Friends. Best friends holding out their ButterBurgers.
Culver’s Cravings Butterburgers & Best Friends
Culver’s Cravings ButterBurger Babies Say Cheese!
Link to story: A Melty Classic. A Wisconsin Swiss Melt Value Basket.
Culver’s Cravings Melts: A Melty Classic
Link to story: Culver's Jumbo Shrimp. Jumbo Shrimp around a cup of cocktail sauce.
Culver’s Cravings A Culver’s Seafood Treasure
Culver’s Cravings Landing the Best Wild-Caught Cod
person drizzles cheese sauce over a container of crinkle cut fries and cheese curds
Culver’s Cravings The Best Menu Items to Pair with Cheese Sauce